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Aristo-Pup Elegance: Unframed Bernese Mountain Dog Robe Poster


Size (Inch): 20x30cm no frame

20x30cm no frame
30x40cm no frame
40x50cm no frame
40x60cm no frame
50x70cm no frame
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“Aristo-Pup Elegance: Unframed Bernese Mountain Dog Robe Poster”

Introducing the epitome of canine sophistication with our “Aristo-Pup Elegance” Wall Art, showcasing a majestic Bernese Mountain Dog adorned in a plush robe. This unframed poster is a playful yet refined statement piece, available in various sizes to suit any room’s ambiance.

Product Features:

  • Diverse Size Options: Select from an array of dimensions to perfectly match your decorating needs.
  • Unframed Versatility: Offers the freedom to frame it according to your taste or hang as-is for a casual, modern look.
  • Quality Print: Each poster is printed on premium paper, ensuring sharp details and vibrant colors that capture the dog’s regal demeanor.
  • Ready for Display: Lightweight and easy to mount, this wall art can be displayed using your preferred method, be it with clips, rails, or adhesive strips.
  • Ideal for Dog Lovers: A charming addition for any pet enthusiast’s collection, bringing a touch of humor and class to your living space.

Whether you’re dressing up a dorm room, personalizing your office, or gifting a fellow pet admirer, the “Aristo-Pup Elegance” Bernese Mountain Dog Robe Poster is sure to be a conversation starter and a beloved decor highlight.



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